Saturday, November 24, 2012

Other Egyptian Novels

There is a sentiment out there in our fast-moving world that 'Authors of Egyptian Historial Novels should NOT review books of the same grenre.' Who other than these colleagues of Literary and Historial Fiction  are qualified to do so?


Novels by Diana Wilder

Every time I read the heartfelt prose of Diana Wilder's writing, I weep (and despair that this era of a glorious Egyptian history has vanished)...Such depth. Such insight. Such passion. No, this is not for the superficial thrill-seeking reader. Diana Wilder's Egyptian historial fiction novels are a feast to be read by those who want to experience an era of our world's mysterious past which we still have not entirely unravelled.

From Diana M Wilder's A Killing Among the Dead

"Wenatef opens his eyes to darkness and intense silence. The air is heavy with myrrh: he is in a burial chamber. Pain lances through his left side as he tries to raise himself, bringing the taste of blood to his lips. His life ebbs as he remembers how the nightmare began.. One of his men came screaming of destruction and mutilation in the tomb of Egypt's greatest king. Wenatef set out to stop the sacrilege only to find that the very people he is sworn to protect were blocking him."

Pharaoh's Son

Something great and terrible is stirring, hidden deep within the temple, something they must bring into the  light before those who walk in darkness take it and turn it to  evil.
(This is one of the most beautiful covers I have come across:
Simple, crisp and striking--No wonder I asked Diana to design the cover
for my KHAMSIN--Inge H. Borg)

A Killing Among the Dead is the seventh and last of Diana Wilder's Memphis series.   

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