Ships/Boats used in the Series:

Of course, where there are ships there are pirates.
Here is Vergil taking aim at a construction site at the
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
The Nile Conspiracy 
(Book 5 - Legends of the Winged Scarab)

(More About my modern pirate in my December 1 Blog Post)

Construction began on Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD) late in 2013 (Reuters)

The Dam is now slated to open in 2017
(The ongoing conflict between Egypt and Ethiopia is at the core of The Nile Conspiracy)

* * *
The ears have it?
Ah, but so do the Mummies....(and lots of other characters)

Well, this page seems to get a lot of "looksies."
Want to peek some more--ok:

Ooops, that's obviously not me. But it's one of the Cannibal Rats on the real-live ghostship, the missing Lyubov Orlova, that I am (shamelessly) using in my dystopian novel After the Cataclysm...but don't expect a horror story about rats, as it is Book 3 of my "Legends of the Winged Scarab," another archaeological adventure/thriller.

Here are my real little cannibals:

Pasha actually has his own blog - where he invites writers and their pets to visit from time to time, and Lilliput is happy to just have their stories read to her.

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