Not a lover of Historical Fiction or Exotic Adventure Stories? There is more to my writing than a serious Ancient Egyptian historical saga or its modern-day follow-up thriller/adventures.

Edward, for instance is an initially lovable rogue who can charm the - ahem - panties off the ladies; followed by their valuable Golden South Seas pearls. Alas, turning up in Books 2-5 of the Legends of the Winged Scarab series, his character develops serious flaws.

Shadow Love is quite dear to my heart. No! It's not autobiographical - mainly, because the lady drinks a bit! I think it is because she overcomes her dark shadows - aided by a dashing pilot!

Moments of the Heart are poems and short stories to entertain, make you reflect in quiet moments, there is more to reading than - dare I say it - shades of anything...

And talking about cats (and old ladies), Pasha, From Animal Shelter to A Sheltered Life is an entertaining little book about Shelter Animals - and my initially bumbling attempts of being a shelter volunteer. But I am a fast leaner - the shelter knew; so they handed me 39 tiny kittens to raise with the bottle (not all at once, of course).

* * *

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I have just republished some witty little romances - since they are not too naughty. They had been first published under another pen name. So, if a review mentions another name as the author, it's me. I decided I might as well claim them under my regular author name.

 These are fun short stories about the stuff women run
into with the men who pretend to love them - or
vice versa - which also happens.

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