Friday, July 29, 2016

A New Hawaiian Adventure

I love Hawaii and have explored several of the islands' hidden paths on foot, by rental car over lava-strewn "moonscapes" forbidden by the rental companies, and from underwater.
I am therefore especially delighted to bring a new adventure series to your attention. It starts out in Hawaii but promises to take us to many exotic places.
* * *
Return of the Island Curse 
Book One
Freedom Adventures Suspense Series
by AP Pierce

A short entertaining summer read, the story is steeped in the Hawaiian Islands' History and Folklore and serves as an introduction to Pierce's exciting new private investigator series which combines suspense, thrills, and maybe a little mystery.

Kelly Yamada treks from one adventure to the next, tracking down lost property and missing persons, trying to earn a living any way she can.

Recently discharged from the Army where she worked as an MP at an Iraqi detention center, she waits anxiously to be accepted into a police training academy. Skip tracing, bill collections, and the occasional late night repo, nothing is below her when it comes to earning a buck.
Return of the Island Curse is an adventurous story that takes Kelly to the tropical islands of Hawaii. She is hired to return stolen property to a national park, and quickly gets immersed in island folklore.

Between a raging hurricane and hot molten lava spewing from a volcano, she couldn't have picked a worse time for her first visit to the tropics. Meeting a few island residents, she gets some other-worldly assistance in her project. With trouble standing in the way of her quest, can she get the job done? And just exactly who are these new friends of hers, and can they be trusted?

By the end, Kelly has learned there is far more to Hawaii than swaying palms, sandy beaches, and mai tais!

Girls of the Golden Gate: Freedom Adventures:
San Francisco
(Book 2 is already out with 234 pages)

The Freedom Adventures Suspense Series:
Return of the Island Curse: Hawaii
Girls of the Golden Gate: San Francisco

Coming soon:
Legend of the Shining Pearl: China
Rescue from Red Star One: North Korea
Death of the Black Dragon: Vietnam
Stalking the Silk Road: Mongolia
Captive at the Ghost Temple: Japan

* * *
AP PIERCE grew up in Los Angeles during the age of hippies, Nixon, and the Vietnam War, experiencing unforgettable family debates at the dinner table.

He began exploring the world while in college, where he learned how to sweat profusely in Egypt. Since then he has dodged wayward bicyclists in China, drank too much vodka in Mongolia, counted rainy days in the US Northwest, and shared a hacienda with a ghost in Taos, New Mexico.

He and his family consider wild and exotic Palolo Valley home. Semi-retired from a long and tedious career in health care, construction, teaching ESL, and commercial fishing in Alaska, he now writes novels under various pen names. In his time off, he can be found plotting his next excuse to run away from the responsibilities of daily monotony.

From these experiences, and monthly bills, he finds the inspiration to write international intrigue, suspense, and humor.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My B.R.A.G. Honoree Interview

To receive the coveted B.R.A.G. Medallion 
for Khamsin was a great honor. 

This took on even more meaning when I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Stephanie Hopkins for her wonderful blog "Layered Pages."

You can read the entire interview and some of the "back story" about Khamsin and Princess Nefret here:

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Review of "On The Account" by Helen Hollick

A Swashbuckling Voyage

    When the Sea Witch weighs anchor, you better have some Dramamine on hand, for ‘it’s going to be a bumpy ride.’
    In the beginning of On The Account, the fifth voyage of this fine three-mast square rig, its swashbuckling Captain, Jesamiah Acorne, finds himself ignobly languishing in a stinking jail, waiting to be hanged (ironically not for piracy). But preferably, he’d like to be rescued through the magic of his white-witch wife, Tiola. Alas, the lady meets up with her own troubles—and their seesaw rides begin; first separately on land while the Sea Witch lies beached, then together on the high seas.
    Introducing some of the actions and reactions in a fifth book of a series can be problematic for any writer. An author might be tricked into telling too much of what happened before, eager to fill the new reader in, or ignore continuity and simply shrug, ‘hard cheese; should’ve read my previous books.’ Either way, there is the risk of annoying some readers—unless it is handled by a pro, such as Helen Hollick.
    In On The Account, it’s not too much and not too little. This is the first book I have read in the series, and I had no trouble at all in mentally catching up nor imagining what led to the Who, the What and the Why. Apart from the main protagonists, I thoroughly enjoyed Maha’dun, a mythic, intriguing and shamelessly sensuous Night-Walker. That said—and hard cheese notwithstanding—I would much like to ask permission to come aboard the previous voyages.
    The only trouble with this novel was my fear I might run out of it before all was told. With a print book, I can finger the thinness of pages left; with this Advance Reading Copy I was provided by the author, I kept anxiously glancing at the percentage left to read on my Kindle. But all went well. I could finish with a happy sigh. This ride was certainly a bumpy one for all involved—but what a ride it was!
    And I hope to meet Jesamiah on his gallant ship with that marvelously motley crew again, as there was a strong hint of a sixth book, especially when I found “going On the Account” means going back to being a pirate. It’s Jesamiah’s destiny; ours is to find out what happens next.
    In the meantime, On The Account is highly recommended to all those who love a good seafaring yarn spun by an expert storyteller.

There is a marvellous companion article,
written by Helen Hollick on Diana Wilder's blog:

Get your Copy of On The Account directly here:

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