Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Survivor: and other tales of Old San Francisco - A Discovered Diamond Review


 The Survivor: and other tales of Old San Francisco by Steve Bartholomew

An Easy Read, but Not an Easy Life

This 141-page selection of short stories about the Old San Francisco (first called Yerba Buena) is an easy read.
In a conversational style, Bartholomew’s main character tells the reader interesting aspects about the growing pains and tragedies of this great American city. His often self-effacing accounts about his own success and life in the emerging West are interlaced with dry wit and a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor.

It makes for a pleasant time spent, and whether or not there are a few liberties with the facts is irrelevant. Each of these entertaining short stories can stand alone, but the recurring characters of Hiram Courtenay and his wife Lisbeth provide continuity, and I grew quite fond of the intrepid pair as they endured fires, loss and social upheaval around them.

Indeed Hiram, although a successful businessman, can be found reaching out to those less fortunate, providing them not only with counsel but a helping hand. He owns warehouses along the docks and sees first-hand those huddled and befuddled immigrants being disgorged from the bowels of arriving clipper ships. He and his wife are quick to ask them to their home and to provide a meal.

I am still grateful I didn’t live then and there.

Definitely worth a read for those interested in life in the Old West, and in San Francisco’s past in particular.

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