Thursday, December 1, 2016

Authors & Their Supporting Characters

Helen Hollick is Hosting a Fabulous 
Supporting Role Blog Hop 
December 6 through 17 

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I was given the honor of starting these Interviews on the 6th
(or being the first to jump into the dinghy to test if it leaks, if you will).

My character is - no, not Edward, as some of you who have read the Legends of the Winged Scarab might surmise - but Vergil, a pardoned pirate from Venezuela's infamous San Antonio prison on Isla Margarita.

Even though he only pops up in Book 4 (The Crystal Curse)
as a humble guard on the Bucanero II
(the refurbished "lost" real Russian ghost ship Lyubov Orlova),

and in Book 5 (The Nile Conspiracy),
on the confiscated and renamed Super Yacht Khamsin,

this dubious character begins to play a vital role in the lives
(or, shall I say, deaths) of many - some deserving, others innocent.

Here, he is taking aim at the construction site of the
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.
 As they say, "Once a pirate, always a pirate."
(You can read more about his wily ways on the Excerpt tab.)

Every day from the 6th through the 17th,
meet a major supporting character
from the novels of award-winning authors

Hashtag #SupportingRole

Supporting Role Features will be on the above blog -
whereas the Links below go to authors' websites -  please, do visit them as well.

6th      Inge H Borg
7th      Matthew Harffy
8th     Alison Morton
9th     Regina Jeffers
10th   Anna Belfrage
11th    Christoph Fischer
12th   Pauline Barclay
13th   Antoine Vanner
14th   Annie Whitehead
15th   Derek Birks
16th   Carolyn Hughes
17th   Helen Hollick  (Our wonderful host for all these great features)