Saturday, December 16, 2017

Her Mystery Still Unsolved ...

Just as you should Google yourself (and your books) occasionally, I did this for the mysteriously vanished Russian Ghost Ship, the MV Lyubov Orlova, which I had instilled with new life in Books 3 – 5 of my Legends of the Winged Scarab series.
Dated November 19th, 2017, an article by Paul Harper appeared in the UK paper The Sun. (Curiously enough, I can't find any such headline in a US paper).
 Image: Science Channel/WhatOnEarth
The ship has been missing for four years after being released out to sea, when on its way to be scrapped in the Dominican Republic the towline snapped and she was set adrift (a bit irresponsible, if you ask me).

Remains of Russian ghost vessel wash up after it was invaded by hordes of cannibal RATS. Scientists believed wreckage that washed up on a Californian beach may have been the mysterious MV Lyubov Orlova.”

 Image: Science Channel/WhatOnEarth
And, yes, “my” ghost ship does feature cannibal rats (with some dire consequences) ...
To my disappointment (but also firing this writer’s imagination for another story perhaps), the article concedes at the end that this is not the Lyubov Orlova, but rather a vessel which was a former floating casino run by The Mob and called the SS Monte Carlo.
 As long as the ghost ship's whereabouts remain a mystery, this is good news for my books.

 My renamed Bucanero II (with its convenient home port of Caracas) can now sail on with unimpeded impunity under the ownership of all-around smuggler and modern-day buccaneer Lorenzo Dominguez.

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